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Overseas Filipinos Gather for Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York City

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Overseas Filipino Workers OFW - Blueprints of Success
Three Wheels of Success by Jess Guim
How do you make P500.00 into a Million Peso Business?

It seemed impossible, until I found these secrets after several failures in life.

If I've only discovered these secrets earlier, I could have saved thousands of money trying things that didn't work. Thanks God, they were so easy to apply, I was able to turn a P500.00 capital into a million peso business.

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Mga Kuwentong Pinoy

Kagigiliwan ng mga Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) at Migranting Filipino

Ang Mga Pakikipagsapalaran ni Nick Ferrari

"ANO'NG HIMALA itong nangyayari sa akin?! Bigla akong lumakas, at mabilis na humihilom ang mga sugat ko sa aking katawan?!" Tanong niya sa kanyang sarili, habang sakay ng kabayo at hinahabol ang bandidong may hawak kay Vianca sa isang malaki't mabilis na kabayo. Sa dakong likuran niya, ay naiwan ang mga duguan at lupaypay na gumagapang sa lupa na mga bandidong nakalaban niya't napabagsak.


The Chase

Long-time best friends from the southernmost part of Luzon, Philippines have opposing strategies to heal their dying country. One points out rebellion as the best way to reform everything. The other one points out change could be made through street parliament, where Filipinos simply march in the streets.

This type of story is banned in the Philippines during the Marcos regime. Thanks to the freedom of speech in US, I could write this with no fear of rejection.

 Read the story here.


Ang Elevator Papunta sa Langit

Akala ko, ako'y patay na, at ang lalaking tumutulak ng aking kama papunta sa elevator ay si San Pedro. Kaya't sinabi ko sa aking sarili na sana'y dalhin niya ako paitaas - SA LANGIT.

Pagpasok namin sa elevator pinindot niya ang numero siyete...



Ang Niyog at Ang Magtutuba

Overseas Filipinos OFWA suicidal coconut wine maker in Quezon Province attempts to kill himself by climbing to the top of coconut tree, then jump to the ground. But the talking Philippines coconut tree holds, and gives him advise on how to survive trials in life.

Thanks to the popular TV soap movie in the Philippines, "Walang Hanggan," this Filipino guy goes down the tree calmly, to start a new life with his longtime secret love. Maganda ang aral ng kuwentong ito, at may biglang-liko na katatawanan sa dulo.

(Image Source:  expat-blog.com)



Ready, Get Rich!

Things I Learned & Wanted to Share

by Jess Guim

Moving Backward, to Move Forward
"... Sometimes, we need to move back before we can move forward to our target goal. It's like a stone on a slingshot. We need to stretch the rubber sling backward to release the stone towards our target. Same thing with the bow and arrow - we need to stretch backward the string of the bow that holds the head of the arrow, before we release it towards our target."

 A Journey Starts With a Single Step
"....The starting point for any kind of venture in life is a goal. Mine was to resolve my financial problems and be financially stable later. With that goal, you must have strategies on how to reach it. And once you have the strategies, do it one step at a time, until you reach the point of success." (Please continue reading here.)



OFW Vacation Destination - New York City

Images of New York City

Statue of Liberty

Images of New York City

Times Square

Philippine Independence Day Parade

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Flowers, Animals, Luxury Cars, High-rise Buildings, Green Market, Fun Parks

Tips for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), Global Online Filipinos, & Pinoys in the Philippines


Filipinos are always up-to-date when it comes to technology. But they don't know how to use them as source of income. They merely enjoy them as sources of entertainment. Unlike in America and other advanced countries, every new technology in the market is immediately used as instrument for business and source of main income.

Social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, is only a place to kill spare times for Filipinos, specially those who are working abroad and far from their families in the Philippines. Very few of the Filipinos overseas (even local Pinoys) actually know the powers of social networking as a place to make money without going abroad.

If you know how to write about things that you passionately do and wanted to share to others, you could use blogging as a jumping board for earning money anywhere you are, as long as you have Internet access. Then, you could use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and more as your places to capture subscribers, fans, and customers.

As overseas Filipino workers, you could write your own blog on your spare times, and earn dollars as commission-based affiliates for advertisers in your blog. TheNokiaBlog.com, for example, started just as a hobby by a young Filipino in New York City - sharing his passion for Nokia cell phones. Few years later, it became his main source of income, and a way to travel around the world for almost free.

Last month, he and his professional Nurse wife, packed their belongings in New York City, to enjoy traveling around the world while writing their blogs anywhere they go, as long as there is Internet. You could follow the journals of their travels at Married2Travel.com, written by Mark's wife, who resigned from her Nursing job in favor of her newfound way to earn money while having fun around the world.

Maybe, blogging itself is new to you. So, let me give you more 7 reasons why you need to have a web site or blog by clicking this link.

FOR YOUR INFO! OFW Overseas Filipino workers' remittance statistics by country, by source released by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.



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OFW's Roadmap to Starting a Business in the Philippines

Starting a business needs careful planning, analyzing, and even testing before it's fully implemented. It is a risky venture if you will simply jump into it by impulse. It’s not only money, that's lost in a business that fails. Time, reputation, job, and family relationships are wrecked when business goes bankrupt.

The cycle of risks never stop even if the business survives or becomes financially successful. But you can dramatically reduce the odds of failure if you develop the right plan and actions in every phase of your business.

What are the basis for planning, starting, and growing a business? What are the best strategies to look upon when starting a business? Below are general strategies most entrepreneurs use when starting a business.

Dig Into Your Passion. Start a business that you know, and love to grow. What are the things that you love most, and are worth developing into business? Focus into it, and find a business that fits that passion. Do you love to cook, and is fast food service needed in your place? (Continue Here.)

More Pinoy Short Stories

written and edited  by Jess Guim

Read more short stories that reflect Filipino traits, written to surely entertain overseas Filipino workers (OFW), global online Filipinos, migrant Filipino-Americans, and local Pinoys in the Philippines…” Follow this link for more readings.


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Three Wheels of Success - How I turned P500.00 Into a Million Peso Business

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  • Are you out of job and wanted to start in your own?
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