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Myself in Canada, while on assignment as an IT Consultant.

Jess Guim: Author, “Three Wheels of Success.”

Hello! I am Jess Guim, the author of this ebook you should not fail to buy. I was once a government employee – a Fiber Technician for ten years in the Philippines, and later went into tricycle business which made me build a PhP2 million worth of business and properties from just PhP500.00. I’m currently living in New York City, working as IT contractor most of the times since I arrived here in 1992. Today, I’m no longer driving a tricycle. I’m riding now a red Ford Mustang sports car. This is just one of the seven cars my family own for our driving convenience.

As a government employee in the Philippines, I was totally broke, surviving from paycheck to paycheck, and buried from the ravine of debts in the Philippines.

BEFORE: When I was just a tricycle driver in the Philippines

BEFORE: When I was just a tricycle driver.

I tried finishing a master’s degree in Public Administration with hopes that I will be promoted (and have a salary raise) from my office. But that hope ended up in desperation when I saw my other officemates promoted instead based on favoritism.

I took a part-time teaching as Associate Professor of evening classes in a college for Agriculture to augment my income. From here, I’ve realized that the College of Agriculture has no Dean yet. So, I enrolled at Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree that’s focused on Management for Education. It was so tiring weekends, traveling by bus for four hours from Sorsogon City to Iriga City, and another four hours of traveling going back home. Eight hours in the classrooms, and eight hours of traveling was a total of 16 hours every Saturday and Sunday. It really made me busy and tired for the whole semester. I got no life and was getting more into debts with my traveling and schooling expenses. I was not able to afford it anymore. So, I stopped my doctorate study after earning just nine units from three subjects.

Myself, ready to drive my new Ford Mustang sports car, from the car dealer.

Myself, ready to drive my new Ford Mustang sports car, from the car dealer.

Later, I thought of having my own family and decided to marry my girlfriend who’s now my wife. But four days after our wedding day, my wife met a vehicular accident that almost killed her, while I was at work.

A passenger jeepney hit the tricycle where she was riding, as she was going home after a Wednesday mass for Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The impact of the collision was so intensely extreme, that her left arm’s bone got broken, and the driver of the tricycle died few minutes after he was brought to the emergency room of the hospital. Seeing that tricycle driver die, while I was holding my bloodied wife inside the emergency room was very traumatic to me, that I developed a phobia on blood.

My wife survived. But my debts got bigger and bigger. My GSIS house and lot loan’s monthly amortizations were unpaid for more than a year already. My wife was undergoing physical therapy every week, and we need money for our travel expenses going to the hospital. There was a time that we split a SkyFlake soda cracker for our lunch because we could not afford to go to a restaurant after her visit at the hospital for physical therapy.

Jess Guim: Author, "Three Wheels of Success."

NOW: At the driver’s seat of my sports car.

My life’s story is a never-ending struggle, and could not fit in this short introduction about me. The story that you are about to read in my ebook was when I was a tricycle driver, and how I surpassed that status of a mere tricycle driver into a successful entrepreneur – the stepping stone to the second phase of my life here in America. So, I urge you to buy this ebook, and read more about me and my strategies in getting out of the hardships before. The cost below is almost the cost of just one McDonald hamburger meal. But the returns will be thousands to millions worth – depending on how you put them into your own practice.


“Three Wheels of Success – How I Turned PhP500.00 Into a Million Peso Business,” is my amazing, real true story of success, using strategies that were not written in books, but from street-smart ideas I encountered while struggling for success. They’re products of creativity, positive thinking, and right impulse in decision-making. You’re lucky you don’t need to recreate this creativity, or search for the right decisions, because I will share them to you as you read this ebook.

  • Are you an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) dreaming to be permanently with your family again in the Philippines?
  • Are you a wife or a husband of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), who wanted to help your husband or wife earn more money in the Philippines?
  • Are you a corporate or government employed, surviving on hand-to-mouth existence, no matter how you work hard in your employment?
  • Are you out of job, and wanted to start on your own?
  • Do you always dream of earning more money than what you’re currently earning now?
  • Do you want to reinvent yourself and wanted to gain freedom on what you wanted to do?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of the questions above, then, here’s the ebook, (written by a former tricycle driver), that will explain the strategies and solutions.

“Three Wheels of Success – How I Turned PhP500.00 Into a Million Peso Business,” is a true story of a struggling government employee for ten years, who turned into a street-smart entrepreneur, earning his first million Peso in few months – actually, P2 MILLION PESO worth of businesses and properties in two years.

“Three Wheels of Success – How I Turned PhP500.00 Into a Million Peso Business,” is a true confession of a start-up entrepreneur with only PhP500.00 to start with, and turned this shoestring capital into 14 units of tricycles, three grocery stores, and a restaurant.

“Three Wheels of Success – How I Turned PhP500.00 Into a Million Peso Business,” is a real-life story of a man who’s buried to debts, reinvented the strategies to success; then, paid off all his liabilities, bought two units of house and lots, and two vacant first class lots in a luxury subdivision.

“Three Wheels of Success – How I Turned PhP500.00 Into a Million Peso Business,” is an easy-to-read and follow ebook, which you could finish reading in an hour, but a lifetime instruction material that will inspire and guide you, until you have your own story of success. It is a downloadable Adobe PDF format, so, anyone with computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) or mobile device (cell phone or tablet) could read it anywhere, anytime.

“Three Wheels of Success – How I Turned PhP500.00 Into a Million Peso Business,” is only PhP449.00 (plus sales tax). But you should buy it now, before I raise its price to PhP950.00.

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